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10. Saw

10. Saw

Since John Carpenter's Halloween launched the slasher genre in full force, setting off a slew of pale, gorier and less impressive imitations that dominated the 80s box office.

However these successful cycles of franchises are repetitive in nature and by the early 90s, they'd outlived their popularity. That all changed when Kevin Williamson breathed new life in the genre with Scream, setting off another line of hard-R rated horror movies with their own distinct killers.

Icons of horror films are known for being intimidating in ways unimagined previously - be them from dreams, the outback, the water or Anywhere, U.S.A. - and their unstoppable lust for innocent blood can keep audiences squirming for 90 minutes to a full decade.

But even the longest-running franchises can grow stale or forget their roots. The monsters that once haunted our dreams are now action figures and trend-setters. Here are a few that all but gave up trying to scare theatregoers.